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  EZT - Germany
  Tiniusstr. 9-11
  D-13089 Berlin
  Tel.: +49 30 47000730
  Fax: +40 30 47000731
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About us

This company offers products and services that are extremely useful for sportspersons.
The spectrum ranges from an LED number screen as a time display up to an LED number screen as a lap display or as a counter for varied ball games.
The product portfolio is directed towards trainers, officials and sportspersons in the indoor and outdoor field as well as gymnasium and stadium operators. An almost unrestricted use is ensured all year round, during all the seasons, at temperatures from - 20°C to 45°C.
EZT Germany is a company whose products are sold all over Germany. The company plans to expand all over Europe in the near future.

With its high demands on practical relevance and comfortable handling, EZT Germany does justice to customer-oriented concentration of the product. Product managers are in constant touch with customers and experts. The knowledge thus acquired is the basis for the development of target group-compliant and high-quality solutions. Daily convenience for the user and high quality are the measure for the development and marketing of the products of EZT Germany.


Who is EZT

EZT is a company having its headquarters in the north of Berlin.
The idea behind the company foundation is based on an interesting discussion that happened in April 2009 between an ice speed skating trainer and his/her active sportspersons. The activities that were taken up in the following months found their way from Germany via The Netherlands right up to South-East Asia and back.


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